The Microsoft company OS Chief Terry Myerson said, ” They are going to update all the qualified Personal Computers for Windows 10 irrespective of genuine and non-genuine”.

Users who are having pirated or original versions of windows 7 , 8 or 8.1 operating system will get free Windows 10 upgrade.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system which is announced officially few weeks back on the international platform live event. Now the technical build is release for tech enthusiasts and developers who want to try it in advance. Since it is not final version of windows 10 you may not get all the features in it.

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Windows 10 users will get many new features on their new operating system, following with few eliminations from previous versions of operating system. Example – Internet explorer is going to end its services from this new operating system.

Windows 10 operating system - Desktop Screenshots

In windows 10 os you will not see IE browser but you will see a new thing called ” Project Spartan ” . This new windows browser will have the most advanced features you have ever seen till now.

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Note – There has been a clarification from the Microsoft end that the users will get free windows 10 os version but the license will be different. Since even the users with pirated versions of windows are getting this upgrade they are going to differentiate it by genuine license and non-genuine license.

Coming to the release date of windows 10 the Microsoft has mentioned that this will be done in upcoming summer 2015 in 190 countries with 111 different languages.

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Source- Arstechnica
Image Credits – PCWorld