Interview with CEO and Founder of Bubblews is a social blogging website which has more than 100000 members registered and the count is still going well.It’s one of the Top Revenue Sharing Website in world. Every day thousands of members from all over the world are being active on this site.

It’s same like other blogging sites but the interesting part on this website. Members are paid for views, comments, likes and dislikes when they publish the articles on their registered account.

But they have some simple rules which should be followed at any cost in order to sustain your account in the bubblews. For each view the user is paid out with 0.01 points. The account details regarding the cash will be seen in the bank page of the user’s account.

I have been an active user on this site from last year. Every month for my work I generated few bucks and got cash directly to my bank account. It’s a nice pocket money for me. Now minimum Redemption or Payout on the bubblews is $50

Everyone can join the site. Then start your blogging and the income will generate itself. Check the below interview.



Enjoy the conversation happend with Arvind and TechBloggerTips(TBT):-

1. Although there is no need for your introduction but for formality, can you please introduce yourself.

Yes. My name is Arvind Jay Dixit and I am a co-founder and C.E.O. of I was born in Kansas City (Missouri), but grew up in Philadelphia. I am also the son to two immigrants. My father is from India and my mother is from Poland. I also have a Biology degree from West Virginia University and I am 25 years of age.

2. How did the idea came in your mind to start your own company which would create a milestone in the Blogging Industry.

At the time I was working at the Food and Drug Administration in D.C. and while it was a great job, I just felt like there was something more that could be contributed to society.
We were just looking at how social networks were taking advantage of people’s privacy/content and felt that we could do it better. Build a company that is compassionate and compensates people for their time, energy and thoughts.

We still have a lot of work to do and will not stop until we execute our vision entirely.

3. What if Bubblews become a 100 million dollar company then what are your next plan?

Haha, keep building! The Bubblews team is inspired and motivated by the want to keep growing the community and developing new products for people to use and enjoy. That is what gets us up in the morning, 7 days a week. The value of the company really serves no purpose to us, other than to prove that a socially responsible brand can still be for-profit.

4. How would you like to describe your success story under 50 words?

A success story is a never-ending story. Success is in the eye of the beholder and I feel that we still have a long way to go before I consider us a success. Through persistence and patience we all find the answers we seek.

5. Tell us something different about yourself that we, your followers don’t know.

I’m actually a very simple guy. I like to read as many business books as possible and also watch as many movies as possible. I also like to write when I can and wish I could do more.
My passion is Bubblews.

6. How many employees are currently working in your Company ?

We currently have 5 people working with us, but in the first quarter of 2014 we plan to have around 12-15 people working with us.

7. How do you see your Bubblews company in next 5 years ?

I see Bubblews, being recognized with some of the biggest global brands out there. But, I see people really following what we continue to build because everything we do keeps people in the forefront. We have a better vision for the internet and many people will see what we have been talking about this whole time over the next few years.

8. What are the steps taken to build up a successful blog.

The best advice I can say is write from the heart and only write when something actually means something to you. People can usually tell when a story is being forced and won’t want to come back and read your content. On the flip side, people can also tell when you are being genuine. Write from the heart and people will follow.

9. Do you plan to write a book, as every bloggers dream it is?

Yes. Hopefully when I have some free time I’d really like to write a book that documents the first 3 – 4 years of Bubblews to serve as inspiration to others whom may want to do their own thing, but are too afraid to.

10. Words for me and my blog TechBloggerTips(TBT)

I hope to see you all on – expect an amazing and innovative year from us in 2014! Also, thank you so much for doing this interview and reading it!

Hope you enjoyed the Interview with Arvind.

If you also want to earn some pocket money with your writing skills then you must check out the website and register. They don’t charge you anything. Its free registration.

Let me know if you join! Feel free to leave your user name in the comment section so others can find and follow you.

Share your views and comments below. If you want any tips for fast earning on bubblews. Drop down your questions below in comment section. I will reply asap.

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  1. Nice interview Sampath, glad you decided to do this with Avi aka Arvind on Bubblews. I love the site myself as a author of the blogger today. I been here for about 3 years now, and enjoy writing and delivering content online for viewers worldwide. Its something of a cool thing to do, because our thought can get heard by a much larger audience.

    I like Arvind’s outlook on life and its very similar to that of my own today. I do in fact write from the heart as he states, and find it hard to reach a much larger audience, I believe because I enjoy helping people so much as well. Much of my articles are tutorial style articles, and mainly because I truly care for my fellow brothers and sisters around the globe.

    I think that one day Bubblews will help to change the way the web works for us all, I believe in Arvind’s vision for it all. I will be writing for Bubblews till then and will continue to support the efforts of many countless writers and bloggers who have been making true to life efforts to support one another. This time period we are in is one of great change, and much of it is due to technology. I’m happy and proud to be one of those creators here online who actually have become a small part of the much larger picture.

    Thanks again for sharing your interview on Bubblews CEO, and it was a great one to read at that. Will be sharing your blog onto many of my social and professional networking locations I network on. Have a wonderful evening, or day!

  2. You should have asked him why so many accounts are deleted and why so many people are not paid and why no explanation is ever given. Why the rules are not the only rules, how they make up the rules to not pay people and how long they expect people to keep putting up with poor customer service performance and zero feedback to genuine enquiries for payments.

    • We can clearly see why accounts are deleted. Its just because of violating rules. It is as simple as that. When coming to the second question about payment issues. If you’re not paid then you might have violated some rules like copied content or content issues like below 140 characters.

      Coming to your third question. I agree customer service is little slow. But they have promised that in the next version update. They will bounce back with new efficient customer service and automated payment system.

      So hope for the good. I have been active on the bubblews from last 5months . I followed all the rules. I never had any issues.

  3. You really should have asked him this :

    Why are there missed redemptions? Why is your customer service slow? Why do people who ask for their cancelled eCheck payments ignored constantly?

    –My eCheck was cancelled on a verified paypal accouunt. I’ve been waiting for a response for at least 2 months. It’s not just about the eCheck it’s also about some missed redemptions.

    Bubblews accused me of plagiarism, and I proved to them that I was innocent by getting the guy on TECKLER (he was the one who copied my work) BANNED. They chose to make me delete that article, and not pay me 50$

    I admire how this site was built, but there are too many people in total frustration. There are also people depressed because the money they’ve worked so hard for did not come.

    It’s not about violating the rules, because there were long term bubblers out there who have been redeeming for quite a lot of times already and obviously they do know the rules. They say that after about a certain amount of money, they failed to get any redemption successful..

    People are now claiming that bubblews is a “Convince First” type of scam.
    But I am neutral, i love bubblews. I just hate how they don’t respond!

    • They are only a team of 5. As you see the members working on the team of bubblews. They will get the customer support more efficient in coming days. Arvind has mentioned it clearly on his bubblews post. Coming to the payments issue there might be lot of issues. So i cant comment on that question.

      You can ask him for youself. Since you are also having a wordpress website. Get an interview and ask those questions. Dont forget to tell me the link of that interview.

      All the best.

  4. This an informative interview. The most important thing that I see in this interview is a brighter future for us bubblers. Thanks Sampath!

  5. Thanks for the interesting interview done by you with the CEO of Bubblews.
    When did you had this interviewed with Arvind?

    I know lots of things happening here in bubble land. there are ups and downs. I am not looking down on anyone , just quite numbers of people are very upsets with things going on in this sites. I won’t talk about it.

    I do hope, bubblews will improve or do better before end of this year 2014. Rumors, gossip, slanders, libel, defamation have been thrown at CEO and this site. its pretty ugly.

    But, I still have hope and looking forward to see the Better Bubblews. Thank you . Cheers!

    • Hi Max,

      I have took this interview long back.

      Yes i agree with you that this Bubblews site is having some issues but it will be overcome in this July update of their site.

      I was in touch with the CEO, he says by the upcoming update the user experience will be better than previous times.

  6. It is awesome interview of Arvind. I have been working in Bubblews since November 2012 . But Never missed any payment.

  7. Rosana Modugno

    I am a Bubbler and have experienced so many issues with this site. One most important; no communication with its writers, too many down times on the site. Any progress with that? I don’t like mystery men hiding behind curtains. If any of the interviewed are reading this, please send out something on Facebook or anywhere and let people know what is going on. Your site is down more than it’s up.

    • I understand your frustration and i hope they are really working on these issue. I think we should wait for the July 2014 update. Since they promised that there will be some big update coming on the bubblews.

      We should wait for that update and then ask for any such queries.

  8. Great Interview, I really love Bubblews, if they could Just fix the few small issues with the platform it would be perfect. Such as the random crashes (Cloud Flares) and if the team could grow and they add a better communication system with publishers trust me Bubblews would be the Buzz word on everyones lips-watch out Facebook and other Social media platforms.
    Look forward to the July update, if they get it right -World domination is next lol

  9. I wonder how much is the bubblews worth now? If facebook is worth $100 billion and google is worth $500 billion.

    • Hahaha. Thats a nice question. Since its just a 3 year old company. We need to wait for a certain period. As of now its gaining good name and fame.

  10. I have nothing against bubblews (or Arvind) but it is most unprofessional of them to ignore questions sent, they do not rectify the MINUS monster in bank hubs. I have not even got the chance to delete spam in my posts and found my account deleted – just 6 hours after I asked them what’s up with the last post I made that appeared BLANK!

    It could not be my fault that a post with less than 400 characters be posted as their system actually disallows it. I am also going to the FTC soon – they just spell SCAM on so many levels!

    • Bubblews support doesn’t delete members simply . They review each account carefully and then take necessary action on them. People like you who can’t follow simple rules use the word ‘scam’. I pity on people like you.

  11. I am with bubblews for the past 9 months and I am extremely happy with bubblews CEO and his team. You have interviewed perfectly with precise questions.
    Very nice to read that Mr. Arvind is Indian by heart (I am an Indian) He has made India proud, and that day is not far when we see his news in our Indian news paper with head lines.

  12. Nice interview sam. I have just one suggestion to Sir Arvind and I hope they would consider it. I understand that once you have committed one that is against the rules then you will be ineligible to be paid or… this is just a guess… but why include other posts which followed all the rules not to get paid… this is just an opinion coming from your statement. I think what should be done is to delete or flag the post which did not follow the rules but pay the other good posts.

    Another suggestion is for them to automatically flag the post which is not written according to rules or delete the same, that way the bubbler would know that he/she commited a mistake and will not get paid for that post(only for that post).

    thank you very much…


  13. He is a scammer, and has cheated so many people out of their money at Bubblews, it is pathetic. At the end of the year, 2014, he made announcement that any all monies earned and not paid out before Novemeber 11, 2014 will not be paid at all.

  14. They are fraud which involves in Pyramid scam. From last 4 month they haven’t paid to any people other than United States. They deleted the account because they don’t want to pay. I have the proofs.

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