We all need images, pictures or wallpapers in daily life. Some use them in representing a product or some use them as cover photo of a blog post. The amount of downloads for images is really in huge number and that’s because ‘ Picture can speak 1000 words when compared with an article ‘.

So now we to get a good public domain images for our usage and it should not have any copyright issues. Most of them don’t know that Images have license and copyrights registered to it. Each and every image on internet has a license. So we should be careful while using images on our websites or blogs because the real owners can sue(File case legally in court) you and get money from you.

To avoid such cases now am going to tell you two simple methods by which you can get copyright FREE images. Which can be used for commercial purpose and some you can edit them and use it for commercial purpose. Because on each image the purpose of usage is different so you need to carefully select the usage rights and act wisely according to it.

First Method : Image Search for Google Chrome Browser –

Step 1 :
Enter your search query for image which you want to use, then you will get a number of images displayed in a fraction of milliseconds(If your internet speed is good).

Step 1 - royalty free images

Step 2:

Now step 2, Is to select the gear icon(Settings) on right side corner of the browser. You can refer to image below if you are not able to find that option.

Step 2

Step 3:
Now after completing the step 2, we will get few options on that click. User should click Advanced search. Now you will be navigating to a specialized page where you need to choose few things in order to get your Royalty/stock free images.

Step 4:
After completing step4, We should scroll down the page and find ‘Usage Rights‘ drop box which is located at the end of the page. This is where you will need to select your image license usage copyright. So that you will get appropriate images. You can specify a lot of things which you don’t want and that will be automatically known to you, if you land on that page.

Things you need to know about Usage Rights –
• Not filtered by license – It means that image may not be free to use since it is a mix of all licensed images.
• Free to use or share – It means that image can be used for free and also you can share but NOT for commercial purpose
• Free to use or share, even commercially – It means you can use the image even for commercial purpose.
• Free to use ,share or modify – It is same like second license mentioned above but only difference is you can edit the image and use but not for commercial purpose.
• Free to use, share or modify , even commercially – This license is the most selected one since we can get free images for commercial use.

Step 5:
After step 4, you need to select Advanced Search button below the drop box. So that you will get your images. You need not mention the image source since it is free to use, share or for commercial purpose.


Second Method (Simple Method) –

Now this is a simple method to get free stock images which you can use instead of above process. When you search a query for an image. You will get images or you will click the images tab to look into more number of pictures if you are using Google search engine.

Now instead of doing all those above steps, You can simply select Search Tools tab present on the page. Then few options will be displayed below that menu bar and then select your standard of image license and go on with the image.

Simple Method - Step 1

Simple Method - Step 2

Simple Method - Step 3

I hope this information will useful for you. I believe this is a detailed post of getting or stock Images or Royalty free clip art from the internet search.

Image credits – Flickr