WordPress is the most widely used platform for blogging in this generation. It is famous for blogging since it is having many features when compared with the other equally popular platform but the only different is the wordpress has many more plugins and features available for free.

Also the wordpress platform is said to be  a platform used by the professionals but i wont agree to that point because every amateur blogger can use wordpress dotcom or dotorg and get started with it from the day one. When i used it first i felt the same way so friends any one who thinks wordpress is tough to maintain then you’re listening to the wrong people.

Start blogging with wordpress and get enrich with features provided in it. So if you’re starting a blog from wordpress platform then i guess you need a theme either a premium one or a free one. It is your choice so you can choose any one. If your short of money then go ahead with Elegant themes they are best industry who sell premium themes at a lesser rate. If you want customize the wordpress themes either you can do it manually on a text editor.

But it is a complex method so now am i going to say one method where you can easily edit and customize your themes in that software. The software where you can edit your wordpress theme is called EditPlus. 

This software can be used as Text Editor, HTML Editor or PHP Editor . Personally i used the software to do lot of changes in my theme which i use currently and then i made many customization’s on it.

The theme which is installed on my website is called Newssetter theme from themefuse, it is a premium news magazine theme which costs $59 .

Themefuse :
They are the best themes available, I recommend you to use themefuse themes 


Video Tutorial – Steps to edit wordpress theme css styles :


Screenshot for the EditPlus 3 :

edit plus


I have explained each and every step like how to use the edit plus software and how to search the content present on the theme through the software.

Also one important thing to mention in this tutorial that is after finishing the all the customization’s you made for the wordpress theme you need to save it and then upload it to the FTP Software so that you can see the changes live at the website. It is a small procedure for the professionals but for the beginners i am mentioning it here so that they wont get confused with that step. You can get this software to use it for 30 days as a trial version. If you feel it is worthy you can buy it later. Here is the link for software EditPlus

So that was the tutorial and i hope you got a  clear idea on how to edit and customize wordpress theme css styles and edit them in right way. Also this is my first video tutorial on youtube so, please give me your feed back with your comments below. I loved to see the suggestions or comments for my first post on this blog and also for the video post.