Ever since the Google has come up with Material designs on its applications. Everyone out there are trying this same UI look on their applications and images. Now Whatsapp software application has also followed the same path.

This materialistic update is really cool and the UI look for all sections is simple and good looking. If you want check out the images of the various UI updates which has took place on this latest update. See for following images/pictures.

Whatsapp FileAttachment Screenshot with Material Design –

Download Free Whatsapp Android with Material Design

Whatsapp Chat Screenshot with Material Design –

Whatsapp Chat Screenshot with Material Design

Whatsapp Call Screenshot with Material Design –

Whatsapp Call Screenshot with Material Design

Whatsapp Chat Screenshots While Typing Message , Send Button updated with Material Design –

Whatsapp Chat Screenshot while Typing - Send Button Updated with Material Design

Download now to get all these Updates for your device and experience these latest Material Design features. 

Whatsapp Screenshot While Call has Failed –

Whatsapp Screenshot while Calling failed - Updated with Material Design

Whatsapp Profile Screenshot with Material Design Update –

Whatsapp Profile Screenshot - Updated with Material Design

How to Download Whatsapp Update with Material Design ?

For Android Platform the software version 2.12.38 is available on the official website. There you can download the APK file and directly install that on your device.

Link – Whatsapp-Android  



Similarly try for other platforms , If you are a iOs user use appropriate name in place of android in the above link and try downloading the apk file and get the latest update install on your device. As of now this new feature is not available on playstore so you have no option other than downloading directly from the official website of whatsapp.

You will have No issues when you install the update so you can happily install this new material design update on your whatsapp application. Then you can enjoy the beautiful visual experience on your device with these latest UI features.

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