In this article you will be learning how to convert the .xesc files to windows media player files. The .xesc files are generated by the Microsoft expression screen capture video recording software. These files cannot be played when uploaded to the website like youtube, Vimeo or Facebook. Because these files are not readable by those website since they are .xesc files.

If you are using Microsoft expression screen capture then the ultimate files generated are .xesc extension files, so in order to play them on the social networking sites you need to change it to the playable extension format.

For changing the format of the captured file you will need a software called Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 / Microsoft Expression Encoder Pro 4.

This software can change the .xesc format to the WMA/V file. The WMA/V file are playable on any website since they are recognized by all the famous website.

In-order to change the format of the .xesc files you will need to follow the below steps so that you will change it format. This will take hardly 10 minutes and time varies from computer to computer.


Steps to convert .xesc to wmv file :

Please check out the youtube video tutorial uploaded in the article. That can guide you perfectly through out the end.

That’s it friends if you follow the above steps you can do it with zero mistakes. You can choose either youtube video tutorial or picture gallery tutorial.

Anything is easy. It is a simple tutorial made for those who dont know how to convert the .xesc extension files to another format like wmv, avi, mp3,mp4 or any other.


How to convert wmv file to another format :

In this article i have shown how to convert the file to wma/v file. So if you want to change the wmv file to any another format.

That can be done with window movie maker and even that is a simple process. Follow these simple steps for changing it to another format.

Open –> Windows Movie Maker

Add Video File to that software

Menu: File –> Save Movie

Here there are many options available like 1080p , Youtube, vimeo and many more. So depending upon your choice of selection you can choose any format. In this way you can change to any format available in this software.

So after reading this article still if you have any doubts or any suggestions please comment below. I will answer them as soon as possible.